Alberti Stream Booster Washer

₹ 376,300.00

Robust structure on painted steel base | 3 Piston Pump | Heavy Duty motor with thermal protection | Pressure regulation valve | Built-in detergent tank | Detergent Suction | Thermostat | Safety pressure switch to stop boiler in case lack of water | Fuel Tank 14 L

Colour: Red

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Technical Specification ET-26SW
Hose Length 10 Meters
Water Tank Capacity 15 Liters
Diseal Fuel Capacity 10 Liters
Volatage 220v / 50Hz
Electric Power Consumption 200 Watts
Stream Generator Diseal Fire Coil Technology
Operating Temperature 100-150C
Pre-Heating Time Below 1 Min
Water Consumption 600-1200cc/min (User Adjustable)
Automatic Wax Mixing Device On/Off Function with timer control
Weight 95 Kg
Dimention (LxBxH) 85x60x85 cm