Automatic MPV 80NB Side Mount Softener Valve

₹ 265,000.00

Eagles Iberg Private Limited, ensures to sell the best in class product. These are imported auto multiport valves known for high durability and ease of use. Please call on us for more details.

Colour: White

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Model 63650
Type Softener
Mode Of Operation Automatic
Installation Position Side Mounted
Water Capacity 50000LPH
Size OF Inlet/Outlet DN80
Size OF Drain DN80
Brine Line Conn 3/4"
T & B Connection  
T & B Stainer Size DN80
Size OF Base 4"-8UN


Features :

  • Applicable for softener and ion exchange system.

  • Used for Softening or Demineralization Water Treatment Systems .

  • Be suitable for Residential and Industrial Softening Systems.

  • Ion Exchange Equipment.

  • Boiler Softening Water System.

  • RO Pre-Treatment Softening System.